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e-cig 101

E Cigs E Juice University

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Around now for nearly seven years, the "e cig" or E-cigarette as they're affectionately called by their millions of fans worldwide are a marvel of both micro technologies and effortless simplicity. The E Cig has become a much favored alternative to tobacco cigarettes.
Your E cigs have three major components Unless You Use Cartomizers which are the cartridge & atomizers all in one piece.
1) The Battery, this powers your e cig. Each starter kit comes with two rechargeable batteries. Please be sure to charge each battery for an initial charge of at least 8 hours. Then use it for 20 minutes and place it back on the charger for 1 hours. This conditions your batteries for better life.
Please be certain NOT to over tighten batteries in the charger or on to your atomizer, especially with the larger battery models.
2) The Atomizer, the engine of your e cig. When you inhale tiny droplets of liquid from within the cartridge splash into the atomizer which instantly coverts the liquid into a harmless vapor. The vapor tastes and feels extremely close to a real cigarette. Allow a couple days for your e cigs atomizer to fully break in and you begin to have much better results. Keep your cartridges well juiced with our e liquid for optimum performance, especially with the higher voltage models. The Atomizer life span is usually about 3 weeks but may be more or less. But do plan on purchasing a new Atomizer at least once a month for your E Cigarette
Also note: Atomizers do have a breaking in period, after an hour or so of use they will perform better.
3) The Cartridge. Cartridges contain the liquid that produces the vapor. You simply pop one on and your set for the day. They come in every flavor you can imagine from your favorite brand to fruit flavors. Please keep you cartridge moist with e juice for the best vaping experience this is very important.
Nicotine levels are a personal choice, you can choose Low, medium, high, very high and zero.
Your e cig kit arrives with everything you need. Although setup is truly effortless it's a good idea to read the users manual.
a) Remove the battery from your kit along with the charger. Screw in your battery and let it charge for full 8 hours.
b) After the charge is complete remove the battery and screw on the atomizer. Don't forget to get your second battery charging while using the first one.
c) Now choose a cartridge and pop that onto your atomizer and viola! you're ready to Vape! Try adding a few drops of ejuice to the cartridge too for more vapor.
Because e cigs do not produce smoke, do not need fire, are odor free and do not produce harmful second hand smoke  - e  cigs are welcome in places where traditional cigarettes are banned. You can enjoy an electronic cigarette just about anywhere. The Vapor from your E Cig dissipates into the air within seconds.
Quit Smoking to cutting way back on smoking cigarettes is made easy with SterlingVapor E~Cigs
Below you'll find more  information about the electronic cigarette.  Should you have questions please remember, we're at your service.

 Battery - The body of your electronic cigarette is a rechargeable battery. Your first charge typically takes 8 hours and will give the moderate smoker a good 1/2 days worth of puffing before a new charge of 2 to 3 hours is needed. When your e cig battery starts to get some age on it the charge on the battery may only last 1 to 3 hours before it needs to be recharged. This is perfectly normal. You can expect approximately 3 months of life from an e cig battery.
The more batteries you own = more vape time
Please Note: Do Not Carry Manual Button Batteries In Pant Pockets. The Button May Stay Constantly Depressed And Fry Your Button, battery & Atomizer. Also you run the risk of damaging the manual button by putting it in your pant pocket. This will VOID all warranties.
 Atomizer - Sometimes called "attys" they're like tiny boilers. Your atty/atomizer turns little drops of e-liquid into vapor. The battery powers the atty/atomizer which boils the e-liquid which makes the vapor.
Atomizers typically last about 14 days, but can quit sooner and may last a bit longer. It's always good to purchase extra atomizers each time you order e cig supplies.
There is only a 5 Day Warranty On Atomizers

Low Resistance Atomizer - What the Low Resistance Atomizer does is turn your 3.6V or 420mAh E cig into a 5V Vaping E cig. The resistance is usually 1.6. These Low Resistance Atomizers are NOT recommended for e cig batteries under 420mAh.  If you use them on a regular e cig battery they will shorten it's life. Please only use these atomizers on models such as The T-Rex, eGo, Riva, Hannibal Man Eater, 510HV Night Train, The EgoTist 1300, The Electric Mustang 1150, DSE 905 and similar models with higher voltage batteries.
It is VERY important to always keep your cartridges moist with e juice when using a LR Atomizer as they do run much hotter than a regular E-cig atomizers and if you run them dry they will burn out MUCH quicker.
LR Atomizers do burn out quicker than a regular atomizer also, but the Vapor they create is well worth it.
Also note Do Not use a LR atomizer with an e cig battery of 5 or 6 volts.

High Voltage Atomizer - Specifically for use on higher voltage E cigs with a 5 or 6 volt battery.

 Cartridge - These are plastic mouth pieces which contain a little pillow of  Polyfill that holds the liquid flavor (e-juice) most folks just call em' "carts" They come in round tips and tapered tips.

Cartomizers - These are  cartridges that are disposable with a built in atomizer, they are available either prefilled or blank. You can refill them several times but once you taste a slight burnt flavor or the vapor production becomes less it's time to pitch them. They can be refilled either by removing the mouthpiece cap or simply dripping the e liquid directly into the hole where the battery connection is. Keep them moist with eliquid for best performance and longer life.

Be sure to wipe any excess eliquid before re-attaching to your battery.

CE or Ceramic Inside Cartomizers - These are Vapor and Flavor monsters. There are wicks and a ceramic coil inside rather than wadding or polyfil. The CE Cartomizers must be filled using a shart syringe. The CE carto's offer the user a much purer flavor and better vapor.

CE Dual Coil Cartomizers - Same as above (Better) but with 2 coils of different ohm ratings (usually 1.5+0,2ohm) which give the user even more vapor and a bigger throat hit. If you want more vapor, more true flavor and crave that big tasty smooth throat hit then the CE Dual Coil Cartomizer are it! Must be filled using a syringe. Simply fill your syringe remove the CE mouthpiece and insert the syringe by piercing the silicone ring against the wall of the cartomizer. Allow to sit for a few minutes for those fat wicks to absorb the liquid and do their magic. Always fill cartomizers while removed from your battery and be sure to wipe all connections dry.

Always allow your CE Cartomizer to sit and absorb for a few minutes. A burnt flavor is almost always user error. The wick must be allowed to be thoroughly saturated so it does not get burnt from the coils. This is also true for all Cartomizers with wadding/polyfil in them as well. Keep them moist, Too little e liquid = Burnt flavor

 E-liquid - E Juice or Juice
- This is the liquid which fuels your electronic cigarette it's what gets turned into vapor. You can buy ejuice in various strengths of nicotine from 0 to 36 mg and refill your cartridges with it. Aside from typical flavors e- juice comes in more flavors than Baskin Robbins and may or may not contain Nicotine at your request. Keep your cartridges moist with e juice and add a drop or two to your atomizer for best results. Too much e juice/e liquid in your atomizer may result in leakage between the atomizer and battery, just unsrew them and wipe off, it shouldn't harm your e cig unless it is seriously flooded.

E juice can be used in all two piece and all three piece electronic cigarettes

Analogs - The term we vapors use for traditional  tobacco cigarettes.

 PCC-Portable Charging Case . This is a flip top box shaped device which allows you to charge your e-cigarette batteries  while on the run. Some E-cig portable charger cases like our Mystic box will allow you to re-charge your e cig battery up to six or seven times before the case itself needs to be re-charged. The PCC is normally charged through a USB port from your computer or other usb port device. AC/USB port adapters are available for when a USB port alone is not available.

 USB Charger- This is a charger that you can plug into any computer USB  port and charge up your e-cigarette. Available for most models.  

PG-  Propylene Glycol.  Is a "wetting agent" cleared as safe for human consumption and used in many of the foods we eat, cosmetics we use and medicine we take. It's the flavorless base of  e juice. PG tends to give the e cig user  a better throat than VG, but this can vary with each user. Both are great flavor bases.

 VGVegetable Glycerine. VG serves the same purpose as PG it tends to have a slightly sweeter taste and produce more vapor.  And is great for anyone that may have an allergy to PG
PEG400 - This E liquid mixture is actually the best formula for producing the best flavor and vapor, It is also prefered by people who may have allergies to PG or VG e-liquids.

mg Strength - This relates to how much nicotine is  in the 
e juice it can be anything from 0 to 36 mgs in strength.

- An easy, cost saving technique where the e juice is dripped directly onto the e-cigarette's atomizer wick. It can be done directly dripped in the atomizer or dripped through a drip tip (the preferred method) no need to remove a cartridge to add e juice with a drip tip.

E cig Drip Tips - A specially designed e cig tip to use in place of a regular cartridge where the user just drips e juice into the mouthpiece directly onto the atomizer, With Drip Tips there is no need to remove a cartridge.Usually the Drip Tips are gently contoured for a comfortable fit to your lips.

Drip Tip Reusable Cartomizer - This latest invention is a cartomizer with a drip tip where you may fill directly from the drip tip mouthpiece down into your cartomizer. The barrel of the cartomizer is a bit longer to accommodate the drip tip the unit comes with so it will not touch the carto's coil. Can be refilled several times and the drip tip is removable to save and reuse forever on a compatible atomizer.

Blank Cartridge - An E cig cartridge that does not contain e juice/e liquid so the user made add his or her own favorite e juice flavors and nicotine strength. Blank cartridges can be refilled several times over, probably equally to a pack of cigarettes. 
Plus you'll save even more money by jucing your own carts. Lots of people prefer this over  pre- filled cartridges.

Vaping- The term we use instead of smoking.

PV-Personal Vaporizer, Higher Voltage Units - sometimes called "mods" are another kind of  e-cigarette. They're prized for their unique and often quite beautiful designs - and for producing huge plumes of vapor. A great addition to any e cig collection but not usually recommended as a first e cig choice, they are somewhat larger than a regular e cigarette and are a bit cumbersome to carry around with you, they are best left at home to enjoy. You also risk damage to the units by carrying them around in your pocket or purse, which is not covered under our return policy.


My Battery Will Not Charge or Hold a Charge
Be sure your chager is plugged into a live outlet or USB port.
Be sure your charger and battery connections are clean by using a q-tip dipped in rubbing alchohol.
Be careful not to overfil your cartrdiges or drip too much e juice down into your atomizer, especially with automatic batteries as this will definately ruin them over time. Just fill your cartridge until it looks a bit slushy and do not drip more than 3 drops into your atomizer when using the drip method.
Be careful not to over tighten your battery to your charger or your atomizer, this may twist the delicate wire connections especially in the larger battery models.
Always hold the top of your larger voltage e cig battery above the button when attaching it to your atomizer. And do not over tighten. This will Void any warranty.
If available try another charger and another battery to establish whether the problem is with the charger or the battery itself.
Also please note that over time the battery charge hold time will begin to wane and not hold a charge as long as it did when new.

Why isn't my e cig working ?

Make sure your battery has a good charge. Check and make certain your cartridge is moist with e juice. Try dripping a couple drops of e juice around the atomizer bowl. Or try a new cartridge. Check  all fittings and make sure they're snug.  If your E cig is new allow a couple of days of use for your atomizer to fully break in and then you'll see a more consistant amount of vapor. If your battery is charged  and theres still no vapor your Atomizer may have reached the end of it's life...(R.I.P.)

Let your e cig rest between draws, if your atomizer is too hot from constant continual vaping the unit will not produce a good vapor.

Particularly with the DSE905 if your atomizer is very hot from taking big long hits, it may shut down and not light up when the button is depressed. So give it a rest between drags, puffs, hits, draws, pulls etc and let it cool a minute. And draw gently with e cigs. Keep the cartridge very moist and a couple drops down into the atomizer.

I can't get a good throat hit from my e cig

Check to see if your cartridge is dry (not enough e-liquid) and that your battery is sufficiently charged. These are common reasons for weak vapor producion. Try dripping a few drops of e juice onto your atomizer. Allow a few hours of usage for your atomizer to break in. Keep the Cartridge and Atomizer moist....can't stress this enough. E Cigarettes do not draw like a regular cigarette, you must take long slow gentle draws to achieve the best vapor. Not short hard draws.

Atomizers need to be replaced and usually have a lifespan of 14 days. This can be more or less in some instances. It is not unusual for an atomizer to burn out in a week.

Why did I get e juice in my mouth ?

A right of passage into the world of vaping!

This can happen when the cartridge has been overfilled. Remember, your filled cart should like a "slushie"  it should never have a pool of ejuce floating on top. If it does just shake a little out.

 I'm new to vaping which E Cig Kit do you Recommend?

 The most popular starter kits in the world are the 510 and 901. Their performance is legendary. But that doesn't mean either is right for you. The Joye 306 is the has the most resemblance to a real cigarette and a great throat hit as well.
Many factors are involved  do you like a hard or soft smoke? a good strong throat hit or no throat hit? Do you like a lot of vapor or a little?...well you get the idea.
Do yourself a favor and read about the kits we carry. If you need some help making the right choice, we're at your service.
Are the parts from one electronic cigarette interchangeable with parts to a different electronic cigarette?

Unfortunately, not all are, other than the cartridges for the DSE901, DSE 905 and the Joye 510 and ECIS 510, Atomizers, Cartridges and Batteries for the DSE 801 and the Joye/JKY 302 are interchageable.  Atomizers and Pass Through devices for the DSE 905 and DSE 901 Are Interchangeable.

That's why we try to stick with the one OEM supplier who invented the e cig.  Always be sure you buy the correct replacement atomizers, batteries, and cartridges for the model e cig you have. As always we're here to help.

 How long can I expect a pre filled cartridge to last?

If your a light to moderate smoker  Acartridge should last the equivalent of 7 cigarettes.  Consider the price of one cart ($1.10) and the price of  a pack of tobacco cigarettes ($6-8)  you'll save a fortune - see our FAQ page for a cost comparison. 
Can I replace the wadding in my cartridges ?

Yes, you can buy a product called Fluval found at all tropical fish supply stores, simply cut to the same size as your current wadding, and replace!

How long does an Atomizer last?

Typically an  atomizer should last approximately 2 to 3 weeks, but depending on usage and care they can go in a few days. Our attys are all  Premium  meaning they have a ceramic "bowl" and a solid  brass heating coil.  If you're a light to moderate user expect a life span of about 3 weeks. So be sure to try an replace your atomizer every few weeks or more for best performance from your e-cigarette.

How do I clean my Atomizer?

The Best Method for cleaning your E cig Atomizer is by boiling them in water for several minutes and them allowing them to dry at least overnight, be sure to blow them out very well also after it is dry. Then add a couple drops of E Juice to the Atomizer Wick (that fuzzy little metal loop on or down in your atomizer sleeve) This process should give you a bit more life out of your Atty, unless it is totally shot.

My E cigs makes a poping gurgling sound when I draw on it.

Perfectly normal with a freshly juice cartridge and a full battery. It just the atomizer heating up the e liquid, sort of like a boiling pot of water making a poping crackling sound.  (I hope that makes sense)

My Cartridge wadding is sticking to the Atomizer

This can be caused by a couple of things. It is usually either not enough E Juice in the cartridge so you are 'vaping dry', or it can be a small  thread of metal sticking out from the atomizer bridge and catching on the polyfill. 

How do I know when my battery is fully charged?

Chargers come with an LED, whether they are Wall chargers or USB Port chargers. The LED is usually red when you place a low battery into it, and will change color when the battery is fully charged (usually green, but can also be blue).

How Long Should I Charge My Battery?

For the initial charge always charge your e cig battery for at least 8 to 10 hours. Then use it for approximately 20 minutes and then put it back on the charger for another hour to condition it.

There is NO NEED to fully drain an E cig battery before recharging it. It is actually better to top off the charge before it completely discharges. And Do Not Over Tighten Batteries Into The Charger Or Atomizers. Be Gentle with your e cig.

How long will an E-Cig battery take to charge?

Your e-cigarette may have a manual supplied with it. For the majority of models, a first time charge of 8 hours is recommended. After that most  e-cigarettes take between one and three hours to fully charge again.  It may take slightly longer if charging through a USB Port charger. See Above - How Long Should I Charge My E Cig Battery. With the larger mAh E cig batteries charge times will be much longer

The  Mystic Box   typically takes 5 or 6 hours but will keep your batteries charged for a whopping 45 - 60 hours. No need for a wall outlet you can charge 510 batterieson the move several times before the Mystic Box itself needs recharging.  Each 510 battery charge will take roughly 1 - 2 hours After the initial 8 hour charge.

What is a pass-through and why do I want one?

A pass-through plugs directly into your computers USB port.  It's a battery on a thin cable which plugs into any USB port and gives you Vaping on demand for as long as you wish.
It's a brilliant invention and a  must have for those of you who spend time at your computer .  

What strength of e-liquid should I use?

This is a personal preference depending on the type of stinky analog cigarette you were using, the liquid nicotine strengths range from Zero, Low, Medium, High,(Very High 36mg not recommended)
ECigsEJuice.com e-liquid ranges from 18mg, 24mg,26mg Low, Med, High.

How much e-juice am I likely to use a day? A Week? A Month?

Depending on how much you use your ecig is the key here, but we would say a pack a day smoker would use anywhere from 20 to 50 drops per day. Or a 15 to 20ml bottle of ejuice per week. On the average most e juice users will go through about 60ml of e juice per month.

Manual button batteries should not be carried around in your pocket as the button may be depressed and drain your charge, also there is the risk of the button coming off if you place it in your pants pocket.This will Void any warranty. As will over tightening batteries into the chargers and on to the atomizers. A carrying case is recommended for transporting your e cig in your pocket or purse.

You Must Be At Least 18 Years Of Age To Purchase SterlingVapor E cig Products